E.T. Proxy Logs Checker [ETPLC]

This distribution may contain rules under two different licenses.
Rules with sids 1 through 3464, and 100000000 through 100000908 are under the GPLv2. A copy of that license is available at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html
Rules with sids 2000000 through 2799999 are from Emerging Threats and are covered under the BSD License provided in this distribution titled LICENSE.
Etplc project src code are under the GPLv2.

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datefilesizechecksum md5description
22/Mar/2018emergingall_sigs21mars2018a_snort290b.rules.gz1.5Mo5d2830e0a296addb2cf267fb2b56c490total 8796 including 4448 changes+2214 Dshield/Spamhaus IPs
06/May/2016Docker ImageETPLC project based on latest Debian image Docker
26/Sep/2015etplc_26sep2015a.py291Ko8b81f6bcef17855e4490f21ea01c432cfix http host
13/Fev/2018etplc_13fev2018a.pl314Ko725862d3f6d3447521c2d8bc9216c75bFix User-Agent
29/Oct/2014etplc_elasticsearch_29oct2014.pl2,9Ko23b24076c52ddf51606e6d70a3027a0bAlpha version!
01/Jan/2016etplc_splunk_1jan2016.pl6,9Kocc881ae60bced0e52ef745c6c5ae5855Initial version!

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